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When the project is well defined, we can quote a project price. 

What determines a project price?

•  Video Production Equipment: Cameras, lights, sound equipment, monitors, tripods, dolly, etc.
•  Video Production (shooting): How many days and where/what are you shooting? Customer testimonials shot all around the world or a CEO interview in a conference room? The video production costs are going to vary widely!
•  Video Post-Production (editing): Need just need a quick 1-day edit? Or a 10-day marathon? That could be the difference between boring and amazing!
•  Graphics and Animation
•  The wild cards: Of course there are other factors at work that will be specific to each project like the complexity of the material, the speed at which the team can work due to weather, location, crowds, field noise, jet lag, etc.
•  Assets: Another important consideration while determining video production costs is the availability of assets. It’s frequently more challenging that you’d expect just to get a logo and a font from a client! Maybe that wait is eating into available editing time.
•  Approvals, permits, location and talent permissions
•  Distribution: Once you have a video, how are you planning on getting people to watch it?  DVD, Online streaming or download from your website or a hosting service?
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We operate on the principle that Professional Video Production should be affordable and easily accessible to small and medium sized businesses and non-profit organizations.

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