Royalty-Free Music from our library

These tracks are from the Album- "Will to Succeed (Mix)"

With robust sound and full arrangements, this set of inspirational tracks will create a climate of motivation, victory and success for stories with positive outcomes: Sports, business, overcoming personal or physical challenge. The ten pieces compliment each other and work together for cohesive scoring. They can all be customized with Mood Mapping to achieve individualized instrument mixes that seamlessly fit your production.     (To see an example of mood options, click here).
Title (Variation)
A Beautiful Day (Time)
A New Journey (Countdown)
Approaching The Gates (Rolling)
Dreaming (Early bird)
Mystery (Dark)
Nothing Is Impossible (Solitude)
Open Fields (Outback)
Over The Mountains (Sequel)
Positive Forecast (Deception)
Success Story (Fall)

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